Missing this golden moment in the desert; sipping on bourbon after skinny dipping in the pool 🍃✨ #fbf https://t.co/QGLqIm3TPL

3:03 PM - 22 Mar 2019

Late 20s
5’2” (158 cm)
Body Type:
Petite, Athletic & Curvy
Body Size:
34C/D, Size 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Mid-Length / Below Shoulders
Hair type:
Play style:
Sensual flirty sub
Incall / Outcall
City served:
NYC, travel by engagement

I wish they all could be California girls …

I’m a California sweetheart who brought the beautiful sunshine east in my big green eyes, bright flirty smile and curvy yoga body. Brimming with enthusiasm for life, my greatest passions are for all things design, art, architecture, wine, yoga, jazz, dog related and travel. I am always trying to experience the best beaches in the world as well as seeing all my favorite historical architecture in real life. I am an artsy girl next door, a design nerd, an aesthete, and I love an exciting life of full of fun and adventure! Balancing my gentle, loving soul, I also crave a bit of the naughty…

Dig deeper beyond my charming exterior, my effervescent laugh, and you’ll encounter my sassy sensual side. My play style is sweet, kittenish and flirty. My pleasure comes from making you happy.

My perfect session starts by getting to know each other over a glass of delicious Sancerre. As we flirt, perhaps you’ll imagine unraveling the silk scarf adorning my neck and fastening it over my mouth, leaving me to beg only with my crystal green eyes. You’ll lead me on to my favorite activity—spanking—hopefully, over your lap. Throw in some breath play and sensual punishment, and I will be panting for more. I am primarily a sub, but I do enjoy turning the tables now and again as a switch. I’m turned on by the exchange of power. Relinquish your control, and you’ll find me a considerate Domme to your needs. I’m a sensitive feeler–you can trust me to take care of you, and we’ll reach new heights of rapture together.

I like (as a sub): light-medium impact play (no marks/bruise easily), spanking, flogging, rope bondage, restrictions, sensory play and deprivation, collars, objectification, couples and doubles, role-play, hair pulling, light breath play, tease & denial, light verbal humiliation…

I like (as a Domme): Role play, teasing & denial, impact play, CBT, restraints and bondage, sensory play, body worship, foot fetish, golden showers

My limits: BS, GS (receiving), hard impact play (I bruise easily), heavy nipple torture, heavy degradation, bastinado, genital torture, medical play, face slapping, impact on breasts

$1100/2 hours
$1600/3 hours
$2100/4 hours