A lust for life 💕 https://t.co/evU9qi3hnu

1:40 PM - 17 Jan 2019

Mid 20s
5’2” (158 cm)
Body Type:
Petite, Athletic & Curvy
Body Size:
34C, Size 6
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Mid-Length / Below Shoulders
Hair type:
A few small (not pictured)
Play style:
Sensual flirty sub
Incall / Outcall
City served:
NYC, travel by engagement

Upon first glance, you will see a vivacious California sweetheart brimming with positive energy and a yearning for adventure! I have a strong love for all things design, art, architecture, wine, yoga, jazz, dog related and travel. I am always trying to experience the best beaches in the world as well as seeing all my favorite historical architecture in real life. I am an artsy girl next door, a design nerd, an aesthete, and I love to laugh and play!

Once you dig deeper beneath my charming exterior, you’ll encounter my sassy sensual side. My play style is sweet, kittenish and flirty. I am a newer player and am looking for you to be my guide. There are already a few things on my likes list, but I am looking to add more! What I lack in experience is made up for in my boundless curiosity and enthusiasm.

My perfect session would start with getting to know each other over a delicious glass of Sancerre. Perhaps you’ll unravel the silk scarf adorning my neck and wrap it around my lips, leaving me to beg with only my crystal clear green eyes. You’ll lead me on to my favorite activity – spanking…hopefully, over your lap. Although I come off as sweet, I desire more than anything to be put in my place, teased and hand over all control to you. Throw in some breath play and sensual punishment, and I will be panting for more. As a good sub, most of my pleasure comes from making you happy. My eye for design extends to our time together – I’ll make sure every detail is precise and designated for your pleasure.

I like: light – medium impact play (rough play with prior negotiation), spanking, paddling, flogging, rope bondage, restrictions, sensory play and deprivation, collars, biting, scratching, slapping, objectification, couples and doubles, role-play, hair pulling, light breath play, tease & denial, light verbal humiliation…

My limits: BS, GS (receiving), hard impact play (no marks / bruise easily), heavy nipple torture, heavy degradation, bastinado, genital torture, medical play

$1000/2 hours
$1450/3 hours
$1900/4 hours