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8:09 PM - 16 Jan 2019

5'7" (170cm)
Body Type:
Body Size:
32C-26-36, UK size 8/US size 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Nose and septum
Play style:
Obedient, playful submissive
Incall / outcalls
City served:
London, travel by request

Appearances can be deceiving. Born and raised in the English countryside, my background may be traditional, but my desires are anything but. Despite my butter-wouldn’t-melt demeanour, I’m a high-class pervert at heart, and a poster girl for refined seduction and luxury BDSM.  My tastes run to the hedonistic, the indulgent and the outright debauched. I’m the first one to suggest a midnight skinny dip and never one to shy away from new thrills. I offer elite experiences to men and women who know what they enjoy, and aren’t afraid to seek it out.

For me, submission can take many forms, each one as intriguing as the next. In turns, I can play a willful brat that needs to be tamed, a docile and obedient slave or a coy partner in crime who’s just begging to be taken in hand. Embodying different roles has always held a potent charge for me. Besides, playing a slutty sixth former or wayward PA always feels very natural – I’ve been both in a past life. I’m a keen spankee, and have a bottom that’s very receptive to traditional discipline. Perhaps you’re just the man to instill some in me with a sound over-the-knee spanking or through the judicious use of a paddle, strap, belt or cane. Bend me over a chair and take your time punishing me. Make me beg.

Many of my kinks are centered around exposure, humiliation, objectification and performance. I get an particular charge from scenes in which I’m tested, trained or challenged. The exhibitionist slut in me seeks out situations in which I am performing for another’s gaze and gratification.

Bondage and sensory deprivation are also intoxicatingly erotic for me. I’ve been told I look especially bewitching bound tightly in rope. Rendered abject with a blindfold and a gag, the line between pleasure and pain is an increasingly thin one. It’s this space which I most adore playing in. I am an experienced and accomplished submissive, and I delight in meeting fellow BDSM devotees. However, I also appreciate the opportunity to corrupt fledgling deviants, and offer introductory sessions for kinky neophytes. If you fantasize about dominating a beautiful young woman, but feel somewhat unconfident, I can gently guide our play to help you find your feet. And if you’re looking for additional guidance, perhaps one of my deliciously kinky friends could help you bring me in line, and teach you how to keep me there.

When it comes to how we spend our time together, the world (and your imagination) is our oyster. I’m just as comfortable lounging in Egyptian cotton as I am awaiting your command on the end of a leash. Let’s plot.

Hard limits as a sub: hard sports, impact that breaks the skin/leaves lasting marks, blood and medical play, breath play, heavy nipple torture.