Late 20s
5'3" (160 cm)
Body Type:
Fit, lean but curvy
Body Size:
35-25-39, size 4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Dark brown, sometimes black
Hair length:
Below the shoulder
Hair type:
Back and arm
Play style:
Medium intensity sub, sensual switch
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:

I was taught from a young age to be a good girl. I’ve since become good at a great number of things! I’m an interwoven paradox of refined elegance and filthy, deviant, carnal cravings.

Submissive is a broad term to describe what I am and what I crave. I’m a lover of all things sensual, the fine art of conversation, the even finer art of humor, beauty through erotic suffering, and impeccable service. Naturally, I’m good at what I love!

Erotic pain has become an acquired taste for me. I’m not a masochist for the sake of pain itself. Pain without purpose or out of context isn’t enjoyable. Knowing you’re hurting me for your own pleasure is what gets me incredibly hot, turning our exchange into an incredibly lush and mutually arousing experience. I love feeding off each other’s energy, the chemical rush, and the immense sense of trust and bonding it creates with my partner.

Nothing makes me squirm more than a man in a suit with a firm grip, a stern voice and an intense gaze. I love knowing my place in your presence!

I like: being blindfolded, collared and restrained, power exchange, role play, impact play – spanking, flogging, paddling; tickling, sensation play, hot wax, biting, hair-pulling

My hard limits: G/S, B/S, play that breaks the skin or leaves marks

$1100/90 min
$1400/2 hours
$2050/3 hours
$2700/4 hours


Available Monday-Fridays before 1pm, nights after 9pm, and weekends

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