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@MeetHelenaWest Not at all! It's from rosamosario. They do amazing work.

8:50 PM - 21 Jun 2017

Early 20s
5'2” (157.5 cm)
Body Type:
Petite, slender
Body Size:
32B, size 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Shoulder length
Hair type:
One, small
Play style:
Light to medium intensity sub/switch, playful Domme
Incalls / Outcalls
City served:

I am an insatiable hedonist who will freely admit that I have a naughty little secret: I love it when a firm, dominant presence puts me in my place and then turns around to spoil me rotten. Intertwined with my fiery personality and confident self awareness is a deep rooted desire to be controlled and disciplined, yet cherished and adored. If you can look past my striking features and devil-may-care attitude, you’ll find a delicate, good girl waiting to be devoured.

I know I can be quite the tease; despite my cute, petite stature and feigned naiveté, I’m well aware of the temptation and desire I stir up in the hearts of men. It’s so fun to be bad, I just can’t help it sometimes! As a bottom, I need someone strict and sensible to guide me. I love giving up control mentally – perhaps a stern talking to will send me towards the right direction. But if I’ve been really naughty, I might need some behavioral correction. There are few things in the world that get my heart racing as much as being laid over your knee and given a proper spanking. I am also delightfully sensitive; a brush of the right spot may send me begging for mercy – or for more.

Staying true to a very balanced lifestyle, I often gravitate between dominance and submission. As a top, I love being worshipped and pampered the way a true goddess should. When you are with me, I want to be in possession of your body, mind and soul.

My fascination with BDSM stems from an ever-present curiosity towards the unconventional. In my intimate and romantic endeavors I’ve always been drawn to those who share darker interests. Over time, my fetishes have bloomed into an alternative lifestyle and an integral part of my identity. I am completely shameless of my preferences. I hope that you are too, and that we can explore our fantasies together without inhibition.

I like: psychological domination, verbal humiliation, bondage, role play, age play, tickling, wrestling, hair pulling, slapping, consensual choking, massage, servitude, switching, light to medium impact play including flogging, spanking, paddling, and cropping

My hard limits: nipple torture, spitting, heavy impact play, marks or breaking of the skin, G/S, B/S

For outcall or incall at an upscale hotel in Manhattan:

$1500/1 hour
$2000/2 hours
$2500/3 hours
$3000/4 hours

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