Early 20s
5'4" (162cm)
Body Type:
Slim, petite
Body Size:
32C, size 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Dark brown
Hair length:
Hair type:
Play style:
Playful submissive
City served:
NYC, parts of NJ

Hello there, I’m Sasha. I’m a sweet and obedient new pet who just wants your approval.

I’m brand new to submission and have only been exploring it for a few months. It’s already been so fulfilling. I thrive while kneeling at your feet and eagerly take every command. Make sure to tie me up so you can keep me. I’m very eager to learn and experiment more. I don’t even know what I don’t know! Will you show me what you like? I’d love some guidance on how to best serve you. I’m mostly a good girl, however, when my cheeky side comes out, creative punishments may be the only fix. I may be new, but it’s clear that I was built to be your submissive.

Outside the bedroom, you can usually expect me wearing edgy New York black with pink high heels. Fashion has been my obsession for years, but I’ve only recently fallen in love with lingerie. Each new set creates a delicious fantasy. Our first training session, I might present myself in a strappy black lace bodysuit for Daddy’s inspection. I’m confident I’ll pass with flying colors. Perhaps for the second date, I’ll greet you in a satiny baby blue bra and thong, your favorite drink in hand. I learn fast. As much as I adore lingerie, I love the tingles my body feel when someone slowly takes it off to reveal my vulnerability. I may come off shy at first, but this naive-appearing girl-next-door isn’t so innocent after all.

Besides the bedroom, my favorite place to be is near the water. I love the beach, going to lakes, or even just admiring a small stream on a hike. The flow and sounds of water calm me. Whenever I’m stressed, being by the ocean is the greatest fix! Well… maybe second greatest.

Likes: collar and leash, service submission, bondage, daddy-daughter play, tickling, after care

Soft limits: choking, slapping

Hard limits: flogging, any impact play, genital torture, needle play, marking, hair pulling, needle play, race play

$1000/2 hours
$1450/3 hours
$1900/4 hours

*Must have reference from someone else at AOS! 🙂