5'2" (157cm)
Body Type:
Curvy, petite, Voluptuous
Body Size:
32F, size 8
Eye color:
Hair color:
Brunette, Pink
Hair length:
Hair type:
A few small ones
Play style:
Sensual submissive/bratty princess/obedient bottom
City served:
NYC, Tristate and travel

An artist, performer, filmmaker and cinema buff, I’m all about building rich scenes. I love fantasy in all of its forms, and can’t wait to hear about yours. Let’s delve into our roles with abandon and see where this adventure takes us…

In my dreams (and hopefully yours too), you might find me an obedient 1950s housewife, ready to concoct a luscious dessert that epitomizes having your cake and delighting in it too. But if I burn dinner, you’ll need to put me over your lap to teach me a lesson. We’ll create a fantasy where the glamour of past eras and the thrill of dominance and submission merge seamlessly together.

Within our private sanctuary, I transform into your high femme fantasy, reveling in the thrill of serving and doting on you. My wardrobe, a curated collection of vintage dresses and lingerie, sets the stage for our escapades, inviting you to step back in time with me, away from mundane reality. From the swish of petticoats to the embrace of silk stockings and the highest of heels, each element I wear is chosen to impress and entice, a testament to my dedication to our decadent date. Despite my beautiful packaging, I am also an exhibitionist at heart and love to take it off as much as I love to put it on.

I can be a coquettish kitten…albeit one with secret sharp claws. Just like I love experimenting with recipes in the kitchen or patterns in the sewing room, always carefully following each step to a T, I’d love to take your stern direction. I adore being praised for my good behavior…..and very good I will be! You’ll praise and spoil me until I feel like a Princess. But that’s when my inner Brat will peep out, and I’m sure I’ll earn your discipline. My creamy porcelain skin serves as a blank canvas for adornment by jewels just as well as it does for the red flush from your harsh spanking. After, I’ll kneel at your feet in contrition and promise to never earn your ire again. How can I get back in your good graces, Sir?

Beyond the boudoir, I’m probably luxuriating in a bathtub with some pink champagne or putting my graduate degree in film to use by seeing some art house cinema or shooting with my 16mm film camera. Are you a film buff too? I can’t wait to compare our favorites.

Come with me on this journey of exploration, indulgence and seduction – where every encounter is a story waiting to be told.

Likes: OTK, spanking, flogging, light bondage, role play, service, pet play

Soft limits: temperature play, g/s, tickling

Hard limits: needle play, blood, nipple play, genital torture, b/s, single tail implements, caning

$775/90 min
$1000/2 hours
$1350/3 hours
$1900/4 hours