Mid 20s
5'4" (162cm)
Body Type:
Slim, petite
Body Size:
32A, size 2
Eye color:
Hair color:
Dark Brown
Hair length:
Hair type:
Ears, nose, philtrum
< 12
Play style:
Eager, playful, & attentive submissive
City served:
NYC, NJ, & travel

A former ballerina, you might first notice my graceful comportment and elegant poise, followed by the stark contrast of my colorful tattoos and short hair. Though I may be a bit of an oddball – (I have an admittedly strange passion for grocery stores and geology) – I’m also a precious sweetheart, a curious pupil, a coy flirt, and above all, eager to please and impress you.

I want to try everything! I can get into a wide variety of kinks and play styles, especially if you make a point to help me understand why your favorites appeal to you. I value our sessions as opportunities to learn about kink from your unique perspective, and I am wholly dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Hungry for your approval, I exalt in being rewarded and praised for a job well done.

An avid backpacker, I’ve hiked hundreds of miles up mountains, over rivers, through deserts, sand dunes, and grassy plains; you can trust that I’m not afraid of long, difficult journeys. I won’t shy away from more demanding expressions of commitment. Keep me as your doll – dress me up like your favorite fantasy, bend me any way you like – I’ll be your favorite toy in no time. But don’t let my pliability fool you! Though I may appear to be made of rubber, I have a keen mind, a sharp wit, and a knack for asking questions that keep you on your toes with engaging conversation.

Whether our play involves tight spaces, painful punishment, games of physical agility, or a few rejuvenating hours spent pampering you just the way you like, I’m always ready for adventure. Put me in my place with a few clever words rather than solely force or volume, and I’ll be putty in your hands.

Likes: sensory deprivation, roleplay, pet play, latex, objectification, bondage, daddy-daughter play, fear play, spanking + impact

Soft limits: breath play, permanent marks

Hard limits: scat play, genital torture + genital impact, extreme degradation, food play

Inquire about rates for filming and photos if interested.

$1000/90 min
$1300/2 hours
$1900/3 hours
$2500/4 hours