Body Type:
Body Size:
36G, size 14-16
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Multiple earrings, bellybutton, nose
Multiple (small-medium in size)
Play style:
Masochist Bottom / Submissive / Good Girl
City served:
NYC, NJ, Long Island, Travel

I’ve never ended a scene without being told I’m a good girl. I can be good for you, too, if you’ll let me.

As good as I am at following the rules, I need a firm hand to put me in my place and remind me who’s boss. I’m quite the vocal and responsive bottom; I’ll whine and whimper as you spank me, beg and wriggle when you handcuff me, and moan when you caress my neck. I also tend to giggle mid-scene, so you may have to slap me in the face or shove my panties in my mouth to get me to shut up—something I’m happy to oblige. I love to explore different kinks and fetishes and would love to hear your wildest fantasies so I can make them into a reality. Let me be your toy, your pet, your devoted slave. I promise I’ll deliver.

When I’m not playing, I can be found tending to my plants (I have more than 30) or baking sourdough. As someone who works a lot on the computer, I love using my hands to create and nurture. With my free time in quarantine, I’ve also mastered making fresh pasta, and I’m constantly trying to woo loved ones with my new skills. I love travel, learning languages, and taking in new cultures. I speak English, French, and Arabic and hope to continue learning even more. I can’t wait for the opportunity to go somewhere new. I’ve been hoping to explore Portugal in the summer or adventure in Iceland in the winter. In the meantime, you can catch me daydreaming about Chefchaouen in Morocco. It’s my favorite place in the world. I’ve never felt more at peace than surrounded by the cool blues and inviting aromas there.

I like: heavy impact (preference for thuddy, but will do stingy until I can’t take it anymore) on butt and thighs, medium/light impact on breasts, fear play, degradation/ humiliation, spit (in mouth, on face, on genitals), tease & denial, face slapping, hair pulling, light electro play (violet wand)

Soft limits: heavy electro play (cattle prods, tasers)

Hard limits: water torture, scat/piss, vomit, being made to drink bodily fluids, race play, body shaming/ body-based degradation

$775/90 min
$1000/2 hours
$1450/3 hours
$1900/4 hours

*Reference from AOS provider is required for screening.