Sold my vid! Opal Castle Loses Vaginal Virginity #MVSales

4:54 AM - 24 Jun 2022

Mid 20s
Body Type:
Body Size:
32AA, size 0
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Nipples, Septum, Ears
Many (small)
They/them, She/her
Play style:
Versatile Bottom / Submissive / Brat
City served:
NYC, NJ, Long Island, Travel

A slight twist on the classic blonde, I have dozens of small tattoos, neon nail polish, and tall heels to match. I embrace all things colorful and slutty, and underneath my streetwear, you’ll find me wearing mesh, fishnets, or a strappy bodysuit. Throughout our play, I will never ask to take my heels off; I revel in impressing you with new outfits each date.

I break rules and need to be punished pretty often, so on a casual afternoon, I may find myself bent over and restrained to your satisfaction, a plaything anticipating your decisions. I can be a toy, a sweet submissive, a little girl, an alluring performer. I squirm, whine, beg, moan, and yell as you show me who has control. You can set the stage, and I’ll fill the role. Open-minded to a variety of kink, I’ll try almost anything once! Some of my favorite scenes have been out of left-field; turn me into your fantasy or I’ll playfully serve you with ideas and toys from my collection. I’m a quick learner, especially when with someone that gives me new challenges.

While I love to please on a deep level, that doesn’t mean I’m always simple to dominate. I’ll give you a thrilling challenge, a unique puzzle each time we play. Occasionally, the brat comes out, which only makes it more satisfying when you dominate me completely .. which we both know you will. When I submit, you have my full energy and attention to direct.

I graduated with a degree in art, and when I’m not playing, I use medium-format film cameras to create portraits of those I’m close with. My interest in image-making extends to XXX films, which I shoot and perform in. While I love bottoming, I’ll also enjoy hearing about your dreams, your accomplishments, your favorite foods, your weekend. I’m always ready to turn a regular day into something memorable.

Likes: Impact play, Caning, Punishment, OTK, Slapping, Gagging, Choking, Role play, Bondage, Verbal degradation, Sensation play, Aftercare, Double/group Sessions

Hard Limits: Blood play, Needle play, Hair pulling, Race play, Genital torture

Soft Limits: Nipple Play (Gentler OK), Electro-play

I enjoy playing with people of all ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

Inquire about rates for filming and photos if interested.

$850/90 min
$1100/2 hours
$1600/3 hours
$2100/4 hours

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