Mid 20s
Body Type:
Body Size:
32AA, size 0
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Nipples, Septum, Ears
Many (small)
They/them, She/her
Play style:
Versatile Bottom / Submissive / Brat
City served:
NYC, NJ, Long Island, Travel

Former nerd here, turned school tease. I’m a twist on the classic blonde – dozens of small tattoos, neon nail polish, and nipple piercings reveal I could never really be too girl-next-door.

Want to meet me in the janitor’s closet? Or call me to your Principal’s office? I’ll come up with ten different ways I deserve your detention. I bask in your attention. Let’s make rules (leaving at least a couple for me to break). I tend to need punishment thoroughly, creatively, and often. Imagine me bent over and restrained to your satisfaction, a plaything anticipating your decisions. I squirm, whimper, moan, yell (until you gag me) while you show off who controls my current predicament. We go from serious to playful and back again. I can be a fun toy, sweet submissive, willful little girl, bratty neighbor – but always an alluring performer. You can set the stage, and I’ll eagerly fill the role.

I am open-minded to a variety of kink. Bring me your weird fascinations and twisted fantasies. After years in kinky filming on both sides of the lens, there’s a decent chance I’ve seen it before. If I haven’t, you’ll grab my attention even quicker. For more spontaneous players, I’ll happily serve you outfits, ideas, and toys from my large collection – we’ll whip up a thrilling scene with a couple spare hours.

Outfit requests are taken very seriously: dress me up like a doll in lace thigh-highs and rhinestoned leather, or let me dazzle you with colorful latex or revealing mesh. Throughout our time, I revel in impressing you while never asking to take my heels off.

While I’m always looking to show off the ways I can please you as a sub, hearing about your dreams, schemes, favorite foods, and weekend recaps is an enticing complement to our charades. I’m always ready to turn that mundane day into something memorable.

When I’m not playing inside, I’m playing outside with an eclectic set of cameras and lights. I use medium-format film to create photographic portraits of those I’m close with, and this interest in image-making extends to the aforementioned films, which I still both shoot and perform in.

Likes (Receiving): Impact, Caning, Punishment, OTK, Slapping, Gags, Choking, Breath play, Roleplay, Bondage, Humiliation, Degradation, Bullying, Sensation play, Age play, Consensual non-consent, Dollification, Latex, Aftercare, Double/group sessions

Soft Limits (2-3rd Session & Up): Nipple play, Electricity, Some medical play, G/S

Hard Limits: Blood play, Needle play, Hair pulling, Race play, Genital torture,  B/S

$950/90 min
$1200/2 hours
$1800/3 hours
$2400/4 hours

If interested, please inquire about rate information for filming and photos, both for personal collection purposes or for produced content with the intent to share. Send any film questions this way!

*I always welcome play with people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.