Mid 30s
Body Type:
Body Size:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Full arm sleeve, many others
Play style:
Mischievous switch
City served:
NYC, parts of NJ

Are you in the mood for something different?

A lifelong exhibitionist with a mischievous streak, I’ve spent a decade plus working in the comparatively vanilla industries of figure modeling for life drawing classes and entertaining at bachelorette parties and burlesque houses. I’ve only recently begun broadening my horizons and delving more formally into the world of kink. I’m proud to have been featured in a pair of photo shoots for Taboo Magazine. Along the way, I’ve picked up some tricks that can be useful in our time together— namely, a deep desire to give you a memorable experience and a lot of flexibility in terms of how we get there. So what kind of fantasy shall we indulge in? Perhaps a locker room scene where we do some comparing and contrasting? Maybe a massage scenario that gets a little handsy? How about I bring along one of my girlfriends, and we do a little taunting and flaunting? I’m a performer at my core, so I thrive in building rich scenes. I’ll be the actor and playwright, and you can be the artistic director. Let’s decide together what lineup of plays you’d like to include in the coming season at your own personal theater. Standing O’s are guaranteed!

Outside of any given play space, I’m an NBA fanatic (who hovers on the brink of a sports betting addiction 😅), former teacher, and an Ivy League graduate. If you want to get a meal and chat about education, travel, favorite books, the woeful Brooklyn Nets, or anything else, I love good conversation with great company!

As an aside, I can promise discretion, privacy and safety. I respect your need for these. Let’s be each other’s secret haven and have some fun together!

Interests: duos, role play, cuckold fantasies, SPH, sensory deprivation, objectification, tease and denial, restraints, collar and leash, service submission, breath play, light spanking, pet play, exhibitionism/voyeurism

Soft limits: GS, race play, up to moderate impact play (let’s discuss!)

Hard limits: edge play, needle/blood play, scat play/BS, genital torture, leaving marks, extreme degradation

$1000/2 hours
$1450/3 hours
$1900/4 hours

*Must have reference from someone else at AOS! Full face photos upon request 🙂