5'3" (160cm)
Body Type:
Petite & athletic
Body Size:
34C, Size 2-4
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Play style:
Sensual, Bratty, Sadistic, Obedient
City served:
Philadelphia, SNJ, DE, NYC, Travel

You look into my charming, youthful eyes and feel at home. My smile rekindles a passion within that you’d sworn you’d lost. My bright, sun-kissed skin illuminates the path to your redemption or despair. But who am I?

Like a 2003 Latour Bordeaux, I have a “palate caressing texture of liquid velvet” and am a well-balanced blend of four varietals – African American, Irish, Native American, and Spanish. I’m told that my background shows in my luscious, pouty lips, high cheekbones, and almond eyes. While I am athletic and petite, I possess perfect, plump curves. My legs stretch on, curvy as the Chilean Andes, and smooth as calf’s leather, up to supple hips and a teacup bust. My taut chest, stomach and back are adorned with bold and captivating patterns boasting the mysterious Sacred Geometry of the Middle East juxtaposed with new age Western fantasy and African Spirituality, an homage to my ancestry and experiences.

As a dominant, I am the angel of your nightmares and harbinger of your fatalistic fantasies. Sensual and sadistic—I make up what I lack in age in endless enthusiasm.

As a submissive, I am bratty but cautious. I easily discern what delights and displeases, and am happy to be in your service.

My natural inclination is to switch and so it is as easy as slipping from stiletto to sneakers, and you’ll find yourself in capable and calculating hands. With me, you’ll experience a nurturing and natural exchange of power, sensual and satisfying no matter what level of experience you bring to the table. You’re the captain but I wield the map, and what adventures we’ll have! I will craft an unforgettable play scenario that lingers on in your memory until you yearn for me again.

I am open to playing with people of all ethnicities, immigration status, races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, body types, and abilities.

Likes (as a sub): breath play/choking, sensation play, tease and denial, electrostimulation, duos or group sessions, pet play, watersports, tickling, light bondage, and light impact play.

Likes (as a Domme): toilet training, water sports, ADBL, verbal humiliation and degradation, SPH, sissification, hard impact play, tease and denial, genital torture, breath play, heavy restraints, foot worship, pet play, gags.

Soft limits: spit exchange, age play (for me, as a dominant only – a bratty 14-16 y/o)

Hard limits: race play, receiving genital torture, hair pulling, hard impact, intense breath play, any scratching, biting or other play that leaves marks

See my website for rates!

Congrats! You’ve made it to the bottom, and I am so thrilled you are taking your time to get to know me. I’ll leave you with an Easter egg – I’m an Atlanta native. My cat’s name is Gambit, and I’m utterly obsessed with waffles, cheese, The Walking Dead and The Mandolorian TV shows and vampire fiction! I also adore cycling, live music, cinema, visiting art museums and galleries, dancing, horseback riding, baking, reading, true crime and comedy podcasts and fashion.

Now I can’t wait to get to know you!