Mid 20s
5'7" (170cm)
Body Type:
Curvy hourglass
Body Size:
Eye color:
Hair color:
Hair length:
Hair type:
Loose curls or straight
Ears, nose
Several (not pictured)
Play style:
Versatile, low-moderate intensity sub, sensual switch
City served:
NYC and travel

A true sadomasochistic sweetheart, I’m your perfect escape from the mundane.

My warm presence, lusty smiles and soft giggles will set you at ease, but don’t be fooled, I’m far from innocent. Like a porcelain doll adorned with delicate and tasteful tattoos, I am an old Hollywood vixen with a modern twist and some very dirty secrets. There’s always a mischievous glimmer in my hazel eyes, and you’ll soon find yourself desperate to wrap your fingers in my strawberry curls while spanking my firm ass pink.

I long for the exchange of power as an experienced sub and sensual switch, and I love a tease of either side of the power dichotomy. Always the eager learner, I love to try new things or show you a few of my favorites…

As a submissive, I yearn to be the perfect little toy. I take my pleasure in pleasing you, being of use and service, and the feeling of belonging to you as a prized possession, willing object and good girl. I want to earn my praise and earn my punishments in kind. Bend me over your knee and spank me for getting out of line. Humiliate me when I forget my place. Let me be yours to command.

Flip the coin over, and you’ll find a true sadomasochist. I love to spank as much as I love to be spanked, and it doesn’t end there. To make you beg for me, worship me, hurt for me – it all thrills me. Sweetly sadistic and always with a smile, I love to push you to your edge and feel you surrender your power to me. Be mine, and let me show you how sweet it can be.

I love (as a sub):
low to moderate intensity impact play (especially spanking and paddles), punishment, teasing, light humiliation, power exchange, D/s, M/s, hair pulling, slapping, role play (especially school girl!), age play, brat play

My hard limits:
B/S, heavy nipple play, belts, play that leaves scars or welts

$850/90 min
$1100/2 hours
$1600/3 hours
$2100/4 hours