Early 30s
Body Type:
T+A with a slim waist
Body Size:
32DD, size 6
Eye color:
Dark Brown
Hair color:
Dark Brown/Natural red highlights
Hair length:
Short bob
Hair type:
Play style:
Sensual, Spiritual, Trance-inducing, Passionate, Nasty
City served:
NYC, Vienna - and I LOVE to travel <3

**Visiting NYC June 9-end of June, 2024!!!***

Dear One,

What a pleasure to have our paths cross like this. I wonder: who are you, and why have you come?

The world of intimacy and sexuality has always been where I’ve felt most alive. The highest highs of pleasure and the greatest depths of pain exist here; it is not for the faint of heart. I’m proud to be a guide and confidante in this ephemeral space in-between.

In my so-called straight life, I’m a coach/therapist and healer. I’ve got two degrees in design and community development, and have studied many, many healing modalities across many cultures (hello, world-class massage :)). My focus is somatics, how we hold our stories in the body, and how knowing ourselves better can help us heal and transform from the inside out.

Well, I can’t imagine a better place to explore the stories, wishes and impulses of the body and mind, than right here.

Tantra holds a special place in my heart. I love sensuality in any context. Whether it’s a kink-fest with you restrained in leather, a down-to-the-detail role-play, or a luxurious bath together with candles and delicious scents filling the air, passionate abandon fast approaching…for me it’s the joy of being fully present and delighting in the scene at hand. Creating something amazing and feeling it all in all its nuances. Sucking the marrow out of life, treasuring each moment as a most thrilling adventure.

What will you show me, and what can I show you?

Besides being a freak behind closed doors (as it were), a girl loves to go out on the town. Romantic dinner dates, afternoons at art exhibits, drives in the countryside…I’m smart and fun and love to get out and about. Thinking about what we’ll be doing once we’re alone is the hottest foreplay in the universe. When it’s only for us to know, our little secret to hold until we can’t anymore…..

Tell me what you wish, together we’ll bring it into being in the most spectacular fashion. Can’t wait to see where we’re going.


$1200/2 hours
$1800/3 hours
$2200/4 hours