How did you start exploring your submissiveness in D/s play?

From an early age, I have had an attachment to ritual. Everyday courtesies ranging from correct posture to astute manners always made me wiggle a bit. As I grew older, it became clear that my bold attachment to certain aspects of etiquette made more sense in a D/s context. Before long, I had immersed myself in the elegant history of BDSM and voila! – my perversion snowballed quickly, and I never looked back!

What does your sub space feel like?

Exhilarating yet joyful. My mental endurance, while focused on challenging myself, is hypnotic. My physical endurance is more akin to riding a roller coaster: thrilling with plenty of squealing and giggling!

How do you get there?

A slow, creative build up. I need to earn it.

What’s your philosophy when it come’s to switching?

Switching to me is alluring for its sheer playfulness. It allows flexibility during a scene. When properly executed, the rush of power-exchange can keep all parties delightfully on their toes!

What is your favorite body part and why?

I adore wrists: while graceful, elegant, and petite, they still manage to be properly restrained.

What is your favorite S&M activity and why?

Good old fashioned impact play! I could be placed over my Dom’s knees for hours at a time if I were so lucky…

Who is your ideal Dominant play partner?

I want an intelligent, humorous Dom who will challenge me. I adore serving someone especially vocal who knows precisely what they deserve of me. That being said, there is something incredibly sexy about an attentive man with a desire to expand his skills. I love topping from the bottom!

How would you describe your play style?

I appreciate a lighthearted yet perverted scene…something that keeps a smile on my face. I’m a very playful sub whose main objective is to please. Thriving off of positive reinforcement keeps me going. Please, tell me how good of a girl I’m being.

As a Domme, I’m sensual, yet strict. I will whisper as I whip and purr into your ear while I explore you to my satisfaction. I’m very generous when properly pampered, worshiped, and obeyed. Now, come be my plaything.

What are some of your other interests?

I’m a visual artist so my creative time is imperative. I’m an avid collector so I’m often on the hunt for vintage textiles, books on typography, sterling silver, ghost stories, and of course, torture implements. I’m obsessed with all things culinary and have a deep appreciation for the art of story-telling.

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