Toy Story: Kink Edition

A hallmark of BDSM is the vast array of toys and implements that tend to be considered an embodiment of the lifestyle. As illustration, one constantly sees depictions of dungeons, fully stocked with whips, canes, floggers, paddles, and countless other glittering accouterments. But, as you’re probably aware, such quality items don’t come cheap, especially in these “dire economic times” (ahem). It can be tiring – especially when you’re low on funds — to be constantly bombarded with representations of BDSM that seem to be just beyond your financial grasp.

Toys can certainly be fun as all hell though… and occasionally even affordable. Discount online shops like (free shipping worldwide!) with a major range of kinky options are definitely worth taking a look at. Not to mention the fact that our city’s wealth of sex shops feature fantastic sales every so often; as someone who comes close to tears looking at the normally exorbitant prices of the toys at these stores, I relish these exceptional discounts. Plus, thanks to the ever-innovative crafty corner of the Internet, you can discover tons of ways to make your own DIY playthings or recycle and reuse items already lying around your house (unless you actually clean up after yourself – a phenomenon I am unfamiliar with). Also, there is a wealth of BDSM-related games that substitute the conventional gear of the trade with more commonplace things. How does trivia sound, with menacing clothespins and snapping rubber bands standing by as punishment for wrong answers? Or set a challenge for your sub, like balancing a book on her fair head while receiving a hand spanking. You won’t miss that leather and latex one bit.

Perhaps you’ve had experiences, though, where all the tools and trimmings were in place but the scene felt thoroughly hollow. Regrettably, all the toys in the world can’t compensate for an utter lack of chemistry and/or communication – even when it would be very convenient for them to do so. What good is a $300 whip if you don’t want to kiss the hand that wields it? In fact, I have found that the most erotic and fulfilling scenes are often those with a minimum of outside trappings.

Certainly we can all appreciate the artistry and aesthetic appeal of the paraphernalia so closely associated with BDSM. But at the end of the day (or session), your submissive is the only toy that really matters! Putting your twisted minds together — especially when accessories are scarce — to conjure up a creative solution will yield a truly memorable scene, guaranteed.

– J

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