How did you start exploring your submissiveness in D/s play?

I have always been attracted to authority figures and loved exploring power dynamics during sex, so it was fitting that my first explorations in submissive play were with a professor during my freshman year of college! From there, I took the initiative and explored whenever and whatever I could within personal relationships and play dates with like-minded kinky partners of both genders.

What does your sub space feel like?

The feeling of intoxication would be a close comparison. My inhibitions are lowered, my senses are overstimulated, I feel closer to the people I’m with, and I’m energized by the sensation that something intense and thrilling is about to happen.

How do you get there?

I get there as soon as I realize my partner has the control, so I have no choice but to tough it out. Wrestling, struggling and ultimately being overpowered are sure to make me melt. It is best for me when I feel like I’m legitimately losing, not just going down without a fight. Pain is another catalyst, although suspense can do it just as well. Above all, I see it as the ultimate challenge to myself, almost like an extreme sport – to prove myself and see the extent of what I can handle.

What is your favorite body part, and why?

Cheekbones – strong, sharp ones with a scruffy jawline are unbeatable. I gravitate toward the unconventionally attractive and associate prominent cheekbones with character, originality, and quirk. I’m also a tad obsessed with shapely calves.

What is your favorite S&M activity, and why?

I adore impact play, especially flogging and paddling. It’s the best way I’ve found to produce that kind of pain that actually morphs into genuine pleasure. I imagine it’s similar to what other people get out of a firm massage or hot jacuzzi!

Who is your ideal Dominant play partner?

Smart, straightforward, and respectful, but also creative, impulsive, and a little sadistic. If we communicate and relate well, we’ll definitely play well.

What are your favorite play scenes?

The more “real” a scene is/feels, the better. My instinct is to be completely honest about what I want and like. I can absolutely fantasize with the best of them, but when it comes to play, I’m focused on making those fantasies a reality.

How would you describe your play style?

In general, I aim to be very responsive and in tune with my partner. I react in the moment and enjoy the excitement of not knowing or controlling exactly what’s coming next. Furthermore, I prefer witty and sarcastic to silly and frivolous. And finally, roughness is always welcome, but I appreciate taking it easy on occasion too!

What are your other passions?

I try to learn anything I can about psychology, philosophy, politics, and religion. I also spend a lot of time doing yoga, gymnastics, squash, rock climbing, photography, writing/performing stand-up, and wishing I were better at the piano.

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