How did you start exploring your submissiveness in D/s play?

I had explored kink in private since childhood; I was tying myself up (or trying to get my friends to) and getting in playful ‘slap fights’ since before I can even remember. It wasn’t until I moved to New York and went to my first kink party that I explored genuine submission though. That’s a whole story in itself, but I’ll just say that I had a blast, and my butt was very red when I left!

What does your subspace feel like?

My subspace has many different facets depending on the way we’re playing; often it shifts in flavor and degree through the scene. During more formal sessions, I appreciate the zen-like calm of mind that comes from focused concentration. On the other hand, especially with switchier session or more rough-housing, I get a depraved animalistic hunger, like a cat in heat. And of course sometimes the endorphins just send me into a giggle fit! I would say there is also something very special about the afterglow of being a ‘good girl’ that makes me feel radiant and perfect.

How do you get there?

Well, different subspaces have different paths, but there are definitely some overall themes. Firm but (not too) gentle is the key to making my submission sing. Clear and confident desire turns me on. I may be an empath, but clear communication and a steady buildup are a must. I do not like surprises.

What is your favorite body part, and why?

Butts! Everybody has one. They’re conveniently crotch-level. Spankings! They make great hand-holds. It’s easier to get away with staring at one. Kids think they’re funny. Also, mine happens to be very very cute.

What is your favorite S&M activity, and why?

Did I already say spankings? It’s a classic that rarely gets old for me. Tease and denial really gets me going. I also very much enjoy tying people up, and love having more bodies to practice on. You can try to tie me up too, but I warn you I’m an escape artist!

Who is your ideal dominant play partner?

Again, clear and confident desire is key; and I very much appreciate somebody who knows what they want. I have a wide range of desires when it comes to partners, the key for me is simply connection. Oh, and sharp suit or a nice pair of leather boots go a long way for me…

What are your favorite play scenes?

I truly appreciate a creative role play session, especially when there’s something taboo afoot. Age play in particular makes me very happy; I’m very good at being bad! Or is it the other way around?

How would you describe your play style?

Playful! I am an incorrigible flirt and definitely enjoy playing coy until you can’t help but come and pounce on me!

What are some of your other passions?

Call me a hippy, but I can never get enough nature; and yes, after being in New York for a while I have been known to hug a tree in relief. I’m regularly planning backpacking and camping trips and I love to get outdoors to ride my bike or go hiking or rock climbing.

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