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It’s really good to be back in New York.

Despite the April rain and my lingering wanderlust, I’m content to have my heels on the ground for the time being. This past week I’ve busied myself with work, play, and the delicious overlap. As I approach this next season, I’m prioritizing my surroundings. Spring cleaning…but beginning with my favorite areas.

So, I combed through my toy chest this drizzly afternoon. It’s very satisfying to lay out your goodies on a fresh towel and take a mental inventory of what to add and subtract. Well, mostly add. I keep the toys I use most tucked under my bed and readily available. Not pictured: my wall of floggers, whips, collars, various impact toys, and my extensive rope and latex storage. What I wanted to point out here are the less obvious items that I find imperative to have at a moments notice. Such as (but not limited to):

-Mouthwash, mints, gum. Minty fresh breath is non-negotiable.

-Earplugs. Troubled sleep? No, sensory deprivation.

-Rubber bands. For quick punishment.


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