Open for business!

What a crazy ride we’ve been on since we last blogged! Happy to report that with some precautions, the Artists below are somewhat back to business as usual.

What precautious, you ask? It varies from Artist to Artist so check out the list below for general info. You’ll also be happy to hear that no matter the incall, we take sanitization and hygiene very seriously with thorough cleaning between appointments while also limiting traffic. We always have sanitation products, alcohol, gloves, masks for everyone’s’ use. If you feel more comfortable bringing your own products, towels, sheets, etc., we encourage you to do so. Happy to work with each individual’s comfort level so please just ask if you need anything!

Things that can help you get an appointment now: patience (!) and advanced booking, negative covid test or positive antibody test, willingness to quarantine more before your appointment, willingness to pay for our Uber rides to/from appointments, transparency and honesty in discussing respective practices, respecting our comfort levels and boundaries. We understand that not everyone can provide these measures (nor do we require ALL of these to meet), but a combination of these will help us be comfortable in seeing you.

For all Artists, we just ask to have a thorough chat about our respective quarantine/social distance/mask wearing measures and health status so that everyone is on the same page and comfy meeting. We will be monitoring our health closely and will immediately cancel if any symptoms arise, even if we don’t think it is anything serious. Please take the same care with us!

UPDATED 11/25/2020

Claire Belle (NYC) – Has antibodies!

Mandie Rae (Albany, NYC, NNJ) – Based in Albany. Will visit NYC and NNJ frequently and by special request. Prefers negative covid test, but let’s discuss! Check out her brand new website!

Sub Casey (NYC)

Sub Chloe (NYC) – Limited schedule. Please book in advance!

Amber Amante (NYC)

Emmy Lewis (NYC) – Prefers you have a negative covid test, but if you are a regular, let’s discuss!

Lana Harper (NYC)

Gwen Starling (NYC)

Margot Rose (NYC)

Andrea Pearl (Baltimore & DC) – Strolling/picnic dates and outcall dates to private residences only.

Gia (NYC) – Requires negative covid test and 2-hr minimum appointment. Mask required through the whole session.

Danielle Blunt (NYC & Upstate)- Available for extended dates in Upstate NY and NYC. Please book in advance!

Robin O’Hara (NYC – new Artist) – Must have reference from someone within AOS. Prefers you have a negative covid test, but if you are a regular, let’s discuss!

Dakota Harper (Philly & NYC) – Has antibodies!

Anja Romanova (San Diego) – Outcalls only.

Please email your Artist if you have any questions. We’ll be updating you as new information comes in and things change. Happy playing! 🙂

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