Role Playing 101

If you think dressing up is just for trick-or-treating, think again! The costumes and acting don’t have to end after the Halloween festivities are over – get extra mileage out of those costumes by steaming up your sex life with role play!

Role playing is a creative way of letting loose with your partner, and it provides an opportunity to deviate from the norms of your everyday persona and sex life. It allows you to let go of yourself and transform into someone completely different, whether it’s your alter ego begging to come out or simply a role that’d be fun to portray. From fun, light scenes full of laughter to darker, more psychologically intense scenes, the options are limited only by your imagination and willingness to explore!

Diving into role play for the first time can be nerve wracking! Although it can be cheesy, you can either embrace the cheese factor or take it to the next level by adding costumes, props, and ambiance. Or, you can just amp up the scenario by taking the play up a notch. Do whatever makes you and your partner comfortable (and turned on!); it is supposed to be fun after all!

Now if you’re ready to live out your fantasies, here are some scenario suggestions that are sure to turn your typical night into an intimate adventure!

Yes, Master
Dominance and submission allows for a power differential between you and your partner. Dominants exhibit control when their partners submit to their commands. Spice up the scene with some spanking and bondage! If neither of you are dominant or submissive by nature, try switching roles next time or a struggle to see who comes out on top.

I Swear I’m Innocent, Officer
Am I the only one who thinks uniforms automatically make people sexier? Throw on a police officer uniform and incorporate props, such as handcuffs or a baton. There are so many ways to get creative with this scenario – the partner in the cop role can be trying to bust an innocent civilian, or perhaps a rebellious girl is attempting to seduce an officer.

Act as kittens, puppies, or ponies playing with each other! Into something quirkier? Perhaps you’re the owner and you need to teach your pet some obedience. If you want nicer play, imagine snuggling on the couch with your adorable pet, and you finally decide to cave into your urge to turn it into something more. Now get on all fours!

Pop That Cherry
One of my favorites! Act as the “sexually experienced one,” taking control of the hook up by leading your “innocent” partner. Maybe he/she has always been too much of a Goody Two-shoes, or maybe he/she is simply a virgin waiting for the right one!

Blood Is Thicker Than Water
Although incest role play may be a strange concept for some, there’s nothing more thrilling and sexy than the forbidden. Give the brother/sister dynamic a chance! You can even change it up – older brother/younger sister, younger brother/older sister, or twins. Perhaps you are playing dress up in Mommy’s clothes…or an older sibling is giving a sex ed lesson…or one sibling is being a bossy brat – things will heat up with the taboo situation!

How Are You Feeling Today? Kinky At All?
If you’re into power differential play, this will be perfect for you – a psychiatrist taking over a hopeless patient. Pretend you’re the psychiatrist, making your usual rounds until you get to that specific patient you’ve been eyeing. You close the door behind you and turn the camera the other way. Take it up a notch by incorporating costumes and props: a white coat and clipboard for the doctor, a straightjacket for the patient. This scene has the potential to be fun and flirty in a talk therapy setting or much darker with a psychiatric ward background.

Does This Get Me A Raise?
There’s nothing wrong with cliché role playing! Allow your boss to reward you for doing a job well done or scold you with some spanking for missing a deadline. Maybe you are the boss, and you can’t resist when your new employee seduces you behind the closed doors of your office…

Ready, Set, Action
Whether you like action movies, chick flicks or comic books, pretend to be the characters in your favorite movie or TV show. Reenact a steamy scene, or get creative by making your own storyline! Some suggestions: Sydney and Michael from Alias, Buffy and Spike from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Samantha and one of her many guys from Sex and the City, Kathryn and Sebastian from Cruel Intentions. Cheesy? Maybe. Hot? Yes.

Daddy/Little Girl
Daddy/little play falls in the dominant/submissive category and requires a mutual understanding and intimate relationship between partners. As the “little,” this partner looks up to Daddy as a loving, strong mentor and wants the approval of Daddy. This dynamic can involve elements of BDSM, or the play can be solely psychological. Get that gold star from Daddy!

Drop And Give Me 20!
Everyone oggles personal trainers! Something about their chiseled bodies, their strict discipline, the way they carry themselves, how they know about each muscle in our delicate bodies. Act as if you’re doing a one-on-one training session, which turns into more than just the trainer working the client out! This play is sure to get the both of you nice and sweaty! Perhaps, even get a workout out of it – incorporate sets of squats, push ups, high knees as a form of sensation and pain play.

To The Rescue!
Imagine being rescued by your favorite superhero…you get whisked away, perhaps by Batman, to a secluded back alley away from danger. The spark between you two quickly ignites the scene into a romantic seduction. Or, maybe you’re Catwoman. Despite Batman and Catwoman’s adversarial relationship, their usual flirtation turns into something steamier. Nothing will make this role-play feel more real than dressing in costumes!

Get aroused with some suspenseful and thrilling play as you chase your partner around the house. Be a spy or detective, secretly following around a sought-after criminal. Pretend you are part of a corporate espionage. Fully immerse yourself in these roles – the suspense is sure to get you riled up!

Of course, there are plenty of other scenarios that we haven’t covered. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination in the bedroom and find what gets you and your partner hot and heavy! Happy role playing!